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1998 Yamaha RT 180 Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

1998 Yamaha RT 180

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the 1998 Yamaha RT 180.

1998 Yamaha RT 180 Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the 1998 Yamaha RT 180

Periodic Maintenance/Lubrication

ItemRemarks1 month6 months12 months
Spark plugCheck condition. Clean or replace if necessary
Air filterCheck condition. Clean or replace if necessaryEvery ride
Carburetor*Check idle speed/starter operation. Adjust if necessary
Fuel line*Check fuel hose for cracks or damage. Replace if necessary.
Transmission oil*Check oil level/oil leakage. Correct if necessary. Replace every 6 months. (Warm engine before draining.)Replace
Autolube pump*Check operation. Correct if necessary. Air bleeding
Front brakeCheck operation/fluid leakage/See NOTE.Correct if necessary
Rear break*Check operation. Adjust if necessary.
Clutch*Check operation. Adjust if necessary.
Rear arm pivot*Check rear arm assembly for looseness. Correct if necessary. Moderately repack every 24 months **
Wheels*Check balance/damage/runout/spoke tightness. Repair if necessary.
Wheel bearings*Check bearings assembly for looseness/damage. Replace if necessary.
Steering bearing*Check bearings assembly for looseness. Correct if Necessary. Moderately repack every 24 months**
Front forks*
Rear shock absorber*
Drive ChainEvery ride (More often in wet or dusty areas)
Fittings/Fasteners*Check all chassis fittings and fasteners. Correct if necessary.
Sidestand*Check operation. Repair if necessary

* : It is recomended that these items be serviced by a Yamaha dealer or other qualified mechainic.

* : Medium weight wheel bearing grease.


Brake fluid replacement: 1. When disassembling the master cylinder or caliper cylinder, replace the break fluid. Normaly check the break fluid level and add the fluid as required. 2. On the inner parts of the master cylinder and caliper cylinder, replace the seals every two years. 3. Replace the brake hoses for every four years, or if cracked or damaged.

About the 1998 Yamaha RT 180

Simply put, RT180 is one of the best values in a performance-oriented play bike. Bridging the gap between the high-performance YZ125 and the entry-level RT100, the RTl80 features a lively 176cc two-stroke engine with a six-speed transmission and manual clutch to provide spirited off-road performance.

Like the other members of the Yamaha play bike family, the RT1 80 features the Automatic Oil Injection system which eliminates the premixing of gas and oil. The maintenance-free CD ignition creates a hot spark for easy starting and strong engine performance. The RT180 also features a 3.4 gallon fuel tank for extended rides and more fun between fill-ups. Harsh off-road terrain is absorbed by 7.9 inches of front travel and a spring preload adjustable single-shock, monocross set up in the rear. Braking performance is enhanced with a 245mm front disc brake and a rear drum system.

To add to its off-road prowess, the RTl80 has a low seat height of only 33.9 inches and weighs only 216 pounds making it easy to handle in tight conditions.

Manual for the 1998 Yamaha RT 180

1998 Yamaha RT 180 Maintenance schedule screenshot from manual

The above information was gleaned from the owner’s manual for the 1998 Yamaha RT 180.

You can download it from Yamaha’s website here.

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