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2014 Ducati Diavel Strada Maintenance Schedule

2014 Ducati Diavel Strada Owner's Manual Screenshot

The 2014 Ducati Diavel Strada maintenance schedule and service intervals — sourced from the owner’s manual.

The service intervals are very similar to those of the Ducati Diavel 2013

Regular maintenance for the 2014 Ducati Diavel Strada

This is maintenance that you can do yourself (though the manual says you need a dealer to do it).

Every 1000 km/600 miles miles OR 6 months (whichever comes earlier, perform the following maintenance:

Checking the engine oil level
Check the brake and clutch fluid level
Check tyre pressure and wear
Check the drive chain tension and lubrication
Check the brake pads. If necessary, contact your dealer to replace pads

2014 Ducati Diavel Strada Maintenance Schedule Table

The following is the list of maintenance operations and to be done on this motorcycle with a distance or time interval — whichever comes earlier.

This maintenance schedule is in the same format as in the manual, though altered to fit this screen.

The distances and times are mentioned below. Whenever the first of either the time or distance interval is reached, the maintenance is required.

km. x1000 112243648Time
mi. x1000 0.67.51522.530(Months)
Read the error memory with DDS and check whether any update
is available for control unit software versions
Check whether there are technical updates and recall campaigns12
Change engine oil and filter12
Clean engine oil filter at intake
Check and/or adjust valve clearance
Replace the timing belts60
Replace the spark plug
Change the air filter
Check brake and clutch fluid level12
Change brake and clutch fluid 3636
Check brake discs and pad wear. Replace, if necessary12
Check tightening of the safety components
(brake disc flange screws, brake calliper screws,
front/rear wheel nuts, sprocket and final drive sprocket nuts)
Check and lubricate the rear wheel shaft
Check the drive chain tension and lubrication 12
Check final drive wear (chain, front/rear sprocket) and chain sliders12
Visually check the front fork and rear shock absorber seals12
Change the front fork fluid
Check the freedom of movement and tightening of side and central stand (if installed)12
Check rubbing points, clearance, freedom of movement
and routing of the flexible cables and electric wiring in view
Check the coolant level12
Change coolant 48
Check electric fan operation 12
Check tyre pressure and wear 12
Check the battery charge level 12
Check idling 12
Check the operation of all electric safety devices
(side stand sensor, front and rear brake switches,
engine kill switch, gear/neutral sensor)
Check the indicators and lighting 12
Reset the Service indication through the DDS
Road test of the motorcycle, testing the safety devices (ex. ABS and DTC)12
Softly clean the vehicle 12
Fill out that the service was performed in on-board documentation (Service Manual)12

General Information on the 2014 Ducati Diavel Strada

The Strada version of the Ducati Diavel comes with a set of special accessories especially developed to increase the rider’s comfort. Among them you’ll find side bags, a windshield, a new seat and raised handlebars.

2014 Ducati Diavel Strada Owner’s Manual

2014 Ducati Diavel Strada Owner's Manual Screenshot

The above info was sourced from the owner’s manual. You can download it below. You can download it from the Ducati website here.

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