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Triumph Rocket 3 GT Maintenance Schedule

2020 Triumph Rocket 3 GT- Stock Image

This is the maintenance schedule with associated service intervals for the Triumph Rocket 3 GT motorcycles.

It’s very similar to those for other motorcycles with similar engines in the Triumph Rocket 3 R.

This maintenance schedule applies to the following model:

  • 2020 Triumph Rocket 3 GT

It’s very similar to the maintenance schedule for the Triumph Rocket 3 R and Triumph Rocket 3 TFC.

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What you need to service the Triumph Rocket 3 motorcycles

So you want to service your own 2,500cc behemoth, do you? Or maybe you just want to know exactly when you’re going to have to plonk down for a Triumph tech to do it for you.

If you’re planning on doing it yourself — maybe you’re just changing the oil or plugs — then you’ll need the following consumables.

Firstly, you need to see if you have the basic motorcycle maintenance tools — nothing shocking, just things like a paddock stand, oil filter wrench, and so on.

The following is a list of specific consumables for the Triumph Rocket 3 series of motorcycles.

OilCastrol Power 1 4T 10W-50The manual suggests semi or fully synthetic 15W-50 (at least) which meets specification API SH (or higher) and JSO MA, such as Castrol Power 1 4T 10W-50 (fully synthetic).
Oil filterTriumph oil filter T1218001Replace the oil filter every time you change the oil. Use Triumph part number T1218001. You can also use K&N part KN-204-1.
Spark plugsLMAR8A-9 spark plugs Triumph Rocker IIIUse NGK spark plugs with code LMAR8A-9 (sold individually). Make sure they’re gapped to 0.9mm with an appropriate spark plug gapping tool.
Air filterTriumph T2200987 air filterUse Triumph part number T2200987 or K&N equivalent part TB-6713.
CoolantZerex valvoline coolantTriumph uses Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolant with a 50% ethylene glycol mix. Zerex G05 is a HOAT coolant that meets this spec.
Brake padsFront: Triumph part T2021978 (you need two sets)
Rear: Triumph part T2022458 (one set only)
Consumables for Triumph Rocket 3

You may also need the following general consumables for servicing your Triumph Rocket 3.

Chain lubricantmotorcycle maintenance tools - motul chain pasteThe chain needs to be lubricated every 800 km/500 miles (or more, if it gets wet/dirty). Motul chain paste is cheap and well-loved.
Chain cleaner brushmotorcycle maintenance - chain cleanerA chain cleaner brush makes cleaning off grime and then distributing new lubricant much more easy.
Paddock Stand — Single SidedSingle sided swing-arm paddock standLubricating the chain and changing the oil both become a lot easier once you use an affordable paddock stand (for motorcycles with a single-side swing-arm).
Cable lubricantmotorcycle maintenance - cable lubricantRemember to lubricate your clutch cable (and brake cables if you have them) with a cable lubricant. Protect All Cable Life is a good general-purpose lubricant.
GreaseGet a good lithium soap based grease for lubricating major components like your side stand, centre stand, and bearings.
General motorcycle consumables (Single Sided) — Brake fluid, chain lube, clutch lube, and grease

Maintenance Schedule for the Triumph Rocket 3 GT

The following is the list of maintenance operations and to be done on this motorcycle with a distance or time interval — whichever comes earlier.

There are two kinds of service interval: every a) distance or b) time period. In each case, it’s the earlier of the two that’s most important.

Part of the below table includes checks you should do every day.

Operation DescriptionEvery600
6 month
Engine – check for leaks Day
Engine oil – renew
Engine oil filter – renew
Fuel System and Engine Management
Autoscan – carry out a full Autoscan using the Triumph
diagnostic tool (print a customer copy)
Fuel system – check fuel hoses for chafing, cracks or
damage. Replace if necessary
Air filter – renew (replace more often if consistently
riding in wet or dusty conditions)
Fuel filter – renew
Throttle bodies – balance
Ignition system
Spark plugs – renew
Cooling system
Cooling system – check for leaksDay
Coolant level – check/adjust Day
Cooling system – check coolant hoses for chafing,
cracks or damage. Replace if necessary
Coolant – renewEvery three years, regardless of mileage
Clutch – check operationDay
Clutch fluid levels – check Day
Clutch fluid – renewEvery 2 years, regardless of mileage
Valve clearances – check/adjust
Camshaft timing – check/adjust
Wheels and Tires
Wheel bearings – check for wear/smooth operationEvery 30,000 miles
Rear wheel needle roller bearing (left hand side outer
only) – lubricate
Tyre wear/tyre damage – check Day
Tyre pressures – check/adjustDay
Steering and Suspension
Steering – check for free operationDay
Front and rear suspension – check for damage/leaks/
smooth operation
Fork oil – renew Every 30,000 miles
Headstock bearings – check
Headstock bearings – lubricate Every 30,000 miles
Swinging arm spindle – lubricate Every 30,000 miles
Rear suspension linkage – lubricate Every 30,000 miles
Brake system – check operationDay
Brake pads – check wear levelsDay
Brake fluid levels – checkDay
Brake fluid – renewEvery 2 years, regardless of mileage
Final Drive
Final drive – check for oil leaks Day
Final drive oil level – check
Final drive oil – renew
Lights, instruments and electrical systems – checkDay
Instruments, chassis ECM and engine ECM – check for
latest calibration download using the Triumph
diagnostic tool
Bank angle indicators – check for wearDay
Side stand – check for smooth operation Day
Side stand pivot pin – clean
Backrest (if fitted) – check for smooth operation Day
Accessory Pannier Rails – check for smooth operationDay
Carry out all outstanding Service Bulletin and warranty
Carry out road test
Complete the service record book and reset the service

General information about the Triumph Rocket 3 GT

The Triumph Rocket 3 GT has incredible road presence and almost needs no introduction.

It was introduced in 2020 as an update to the earlier Triumph Rocket 3. A massive 2500cc engine gives 165Hp at 6,000 rpm with oodles of torque from way down low, up to a higher redline of 7,000 rpm.

The new Rocket 3 also has much more technology than earlier editions, with ride controls and cornering ABS. It all adds up to a fairly sumptuous riding experience that’s as good for touring as it is for city riding and just looking at!

Manual for the Triumph Rocket 3 GT

Triumph Rocket 3 GT Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Triumph Rocket 3 GT, which is available on the Triumph website.

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