Maintenance is a one-stop resource for finding the maintenance schedule for any car, motorcycle, or other vehicles.

The information in this website is carefully assembled from owner’s and service manuals, parts references, and general Internet know-how.

If you ever want to buy a second-hand vehicle, you have to know whether it’s due for maintenance soon. The next major service can cost a lot if it’s a premium vehicle or a huge bit of maintenance.

Sometimes, knowing if a car or motorcycle is good value depends on more than kilometres/ mileage. Many people who buy and sell vehicles don’t care about kilometres/ mileage as long as something has been serviced regularly! The schedule is critical.

So look at the odometer, but also check to make sure whatever vehicle you’re buying has been serviced at the last major and minor service. It could save you thousands of dollars.

About the Authors

This website, “Maintenance Schedules”, is built by mostly one person, and sometimes with a bit of help from assistants. I’m 100% obsessive about motorcycle maintenance — and cars, too, but they’re more expensive so I tend not to churn through them.

My first car love was an ancient Nissan 300ZX, and I really wish I knew how to maintain the limited slip differential and the gearbox oil. Then I started riding old Ducati and BMW motorcycles, and quickly found how expensive it can be to not have checked if the valves were services, belts replaced, or drive shaft oil ever changed.

So I looked up maintenance schedules for every vehicle I bought, and found it a little tough. I thought “if I Google this a lot, then a lot of other people must be!” And so this website was born.

Most of the information is hand-transcribed from manuals. Occasionally there are typos. Usually, they’re not serious, but let me know anyway, and maybe we can talk cars / bikes.

If you want to get in touch for any reason, use the contact page.