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Honda NC750X Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

2018-2020 NC750X Stock Image

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Honda NC750X.

This maintenance schedule applies to the following models:

  • Honda NC750X

The Honda NC750X is an adventure motorcycle for twisty roads., open highways, city centers, and rural roadways. Powered by a 745cc engine, it has a broad powerband and low-end torque for canyon carving and urban commuting. Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)** tailors the parallel-twin power delivery in user-friendly ways. And with innovations like integrated storage and available Automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT), you get to function, and fun, for every riding scenario.

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Honda NC750X Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Honda NC750X.

The maintenance for the Honda NC750X is broken into two sections: Emission-Related Items and Non-Emission-Related Items.

Periodic Maintenance Chart

Itemsx 1000 mi0.64812162024Regular Replace
Emission-Related Itemsx 1000 km16.412.819.225.63238.4
Fuel LineXIII
Throttle OperationXIII
Air Cleaner*2RR
Crankcase Breather*3CCCCCC
Spark PlugEvery 16,000 mi (25,600 km):I Every 32,000 mi (51,200 km):R
Valve ClearanceXI
Engine OilRRRR1 year
Engine Oil FilterRR
Clutch Oil Filter*6RR
Engine Idle SpeedXIII
Radiator Coolant*7III3 Years
Cooling SystemXIII
Evaporative Emission Control System*3XI
Non-Emission-Related Items
Drive ChainEvery 600 mi (1,000 km): I L
Drive Chain SliderIIIIII
Brake Fluid*7IIIIII2 years
Brake Pads WearIIIIII
Brake SystemIII
Brake Light SwitchIII
Brake Lock Operation*6XIIIIII
Headlight AimIII
Clutch System*5IIIIII
Side StandIII
Nuts, Bolts, FastenersXIII
Steering Head BearingsXXIII

Maintenance Level

  • X: Intermediate. We recommend service by your dealer, unless you
    have the necessary tools and are mechanically skilled. Procedures
    are provided in an official Honda Service Manual.
  • XX: Technical. In the interest of safety, have your motorcycle
    serviced by your dealer.

Maintenance Legend

  • I: Inspect (clean, adjust, lubricate, or replace, if necessary)
  • R: Replace
  • L: Lubricate
  • C: Clean


  • *1: At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here.
  • *2: Service more frequently when riding in unusually wet or dusty areas.
  • *3: Service more frequently when riding in the rain or at full throttle.
  • *4: 50 STATE (meets California).
  • *5: NC750X and NC750XA.
  • *6: NC750XD.
  • *7: Replacement requires mechanical skill.

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Honda NC750X

The Honda NC750X has the following tyres and tyre sizes standard:

  • Front: 120/70ZR17M/C(58W)
  • Rear: 160/60ZR17M/C(69W)

Recommended Tires:


  • DUNLOP D609F


  • DUNLOP D609

The manual for the Honda NC750X recommends the following tyre pressures (when cold):

  • Front: 36 psi (250 kPa, 2.50 kgf/cm2)
  • Rear: 42 psi (290 kPa, 2.90 kgf/cm2)

About the Honda NC750X

The 2020 Honda NC750X is part of Big Red’s five-model “adventure” line of streetbikes, but this twin-cylinder machine is really best suited to exploring asphalt, not rough-and-tumble off-road single-track. 

With the optional $800 dual-clutch transmission, which includes Honda Selectable Traction Control and combined antilock braking, the NC750X is at home commuting to the workplace and running errands around town.

The 745cc engine combines good low-to-midrange torque with outstanding fuel economy, and the nonadjustable 41mm fork, 17-inch wheels, and Bridgestone Battlewing tires deliver a smooth ride. A lockable integrated 22-liter storage compartment located where the gas tank would normally reside greatly enhances user convenience.

With its moderate wind protection, neutral ergonomics, and low mass centralization thanks to an under seat fuel tank, the NC750X and NC750X DCT ABS are aimed at riders who want solid, predictable on-road performance at a reasonable price.

Manual for the Honda NC750X

Honda NC750X Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Honda NC750X.

You can download it from here.

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