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Honda Rebel 500 CMX500 Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

Black Honda Rebel 500

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Honda Rebel 500.

The Honda Rebel 500 is one of the two new cruiser motorcycles released in 2017 along with the Rebel 300. The Rebel 500 is powered by a 471cc, eight-valve, liquid-cooled parallel twin with strong bottom-end torque and smooth, linear power delivery.

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Things you might need to service the Honda Rebel 500

So you want to service your own motorcycle, do you? Well, aside from the basic motorcycle maintenance tools, you will probably need some of the following parts.

PartHonda Rebel 500 spec
OilHonda recommends SAE 10W-30, JASO T 903 standard MA. Pro Honda GN4 10W-30 is good. Use a torque wrench to tighten the bolt to 30 Nm (22 lb-ft).
Oil filterHonda’s standard part number for the oil filter is 15410-MFJ-D01 (used on many Hondas). You can also use Hiflofiltro HF204RC for the oil filter. Use a torque wrench to tighten it to 26 Nm (19 lb-ft).
Air filter (OEM)The K&N alternative air filter HA-2513 is a drop-in replacement.
Spark plugsUse NGK spark plug part CPR8EA-9. Use a gapping tool to set the gap to 0.8-0.9mm.
Brake fluidYou can use any DOT 4 oil, but Honda recommends Honda DOT 4.
Brake pads (front)Use EBC double-hardened front brake pads with part number FA196HH.
Brake pads (rear)Use EBC double-hardened rear brake pads with part number FA496HH.
CoolantUse coolant based on ethylene glycol like Zerex G05.
Honda Rebel 500 Consumables for maintenance

Honda Rebel 500 Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Honda Rebel 500.

  • X: Intermediate. We recommend service by your Honda dealer, unless you have the necessary tools and are mechanically skilled.
  • XX: Technical. In the interest of safety, have your motorcycle serviced by your dealer.

Maintenance Procedures:

  • I: Inspect and clean, adjust, lubricate, or replace, if necessary
  • R: Replace
  • L: Lubricate
  • C: Clean

The maintenance for the Honda Rebel 500 is broken into two sections: Emission-Related Items and Non-Emission-Related Items.

Itemsx 1000 mi0.64812162024
Emission-Related Itemsx 1000 km16.412.819.225.63238.4Regular Replace
Fuel LineXIII
Throttle OperationXIII
Air Cleaner*2 (HA-2513)RR
Crankcase Breather*3CCCCCC
Spark Plug (NGK CPR8EA-9)XXR
Valve ClearanceXXI
Engine Oil (Pro Honda GN4)RRRR1 Year
Engine Oil Filter (HF204RC)RR
Engine Idle SpeedXIII
Radiator Coolant*5 (Zerex G05)III3 Years
Cooling SystemXIII
Secondary Air Supply SystemXI
Evaporative Emission Control SystemXI
Non-Emission-Related Items
Drive Chain (Motul chain care kit)Every 600 mi (1000 km): I L
Brake Fluid*5 (Honda DOT 4)IIIIII2 Years
Brake Pads WearIIIIII
Brake SystemIII
Brake Light SwitchIII
Headlight AimIII
Clutch SystemIIIIII
Side StandIII
Nuts, Bolts, FastenersXIII
Steering Head BearingsXXIII
Honda Rebel 500 maintenance schedule


  • At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here.
  • *2: Service more frequently if the motorcycle is ridden in unusually wet or dusty areas.
  • *3: Service more frequently when riding in rain or at full throttle.

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel 500 has the following tyres and tyre sizes standard. And the manual specifies the following recommended tyre pressures.

TyreSizeBrand(s)Tyre pressure
Front130/90-16M/C 67HDUNLOP D404F Q
29 psi (200 kPa)
Rear150/80-16M/C 71HDUNLOP D404 Q
29 psi (200 kPa)
Tyres and tyre pressures for Honda Rebel 500

About the Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel is a low, lean silhouette that is crowned by an iconic fuel tank, aggressively raked front end and fat 16 inch tires on large-diameter wheels. The stamped-steel rear fender and narrow frame body result in a stripped form expressing offbeat individuality from every angle.

Powered by a 471cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, with strong bottom end torque and a smooth, linear power delivery the Rebel is A2 licence friendly for those in countries with restrictions on motorcycle licensing.

The riding position is relaxed and neutral, with gently outstretched arms matched to mid-mounted footpegs. The Rebel’s tubular steel frame is brand new and draws fresh, contemporary lines into stripped-back, fat-tired ‘bobber’ style.

The evocative round headlight sits up high in a die-cast aluminum mount, the speedometer is a compact dial with negative LCD display and blue backlight. The ignition is housed below the left side of the fuel tank and everything that can be is blacked out.

The Honda Rebel is blacked out to the maximum, with the minimum of paint, it also switches from solo-only to passenger-possible via two bolts so you can easily carry a passenger on your Rebel 500. The Rebel mixes old and new school style to fire the imagination of a younger generation of riders.

Manual for the Honda Rebel 500

Honda Rebel 500 maintenance schedule

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Honda Rebel 500.

You can download it from here.

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