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Honda Valkyrie (2014-2015 F6C, Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

Honda Valkyrie F6C Blue Diagonal

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie, a.k.a. the Honda Valkyrie (which is what we’ll call it here) made between 2014-2015 and with an 1,832cc engine. The Valkyrie is also known as the F6C or “Flat 6 Custom”.

The Honda Valkyrie is an upright muscle cruiser based on the Honda Gold Wing GL1800, or more precisely, an even more stripped down version of the F6B, the “bagger” of the range. There was an earlier Valkyrie based on the earlier GL1500 Gold Wing (and this isn’t that, but it’s the same general idea, though it looks totally different).

The base of the Honda Valkyrie is the same as that of the Gold Wing of its generation — a 1832cc, liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder, SOHC engine with PGM-FI.

The engine transfers its power to the rear wheel through a five-speed transmission and is fueled by a 6.1 gallons fuel tank.

The Valkyrie’s engine is mounted low into the aluminum twin-spar frame, thus keeping the center of gravity as low as possible.

Probably most excitingly — the Honda Valkyrie is the basis for the Honda Rune.

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Honda Valkyrie Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Honda Valkyrie. The maintenance schedule shares a lot in common with other Honda motorcycles, especially the Gold Wing F6B.

The maintenance for the Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie is broken into two sections: Emission-Related Items and Non-Emission-Related Items.

  • X: Intermediate. We recommend service by your Honda dealer, unless you have the necessary tools and are mechanically skilled. Procedures are provided in an official Honda Service Manual
  • XX: Technical. In the interest of safety, have your motorcycle serviced by your dealer.

Maintenance Procedures:

  • I: Inspect and clean, adjust, lubricate, or replace, if necessary
  • C: Clean
  • L: Lubricate
  • R: Replace


  • *1: At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here.
  • *2: Service more frequently if the motorcycle is ridden in unusually wet or dusty areas.
  • *3: Service more frequently when riding in the rain or at full throttle.
  • *4: Service more frequently, if noisy.
  • *5: Replace every 2 years, or at indicated odometer interval, whichever comes first. Replacement requires mechanical skill.
  • *6 : Replace at 4,000 mi (6,400 km) or 6 months, then every 8,000 mi (12,800 km) or 12 months.
Itemsx 1000 mi0.64812162024
Emission-Related Itemsx 1000 km16.412.819.225.63238.4
Fuel LineXIII
Throttle OperationXIII
Air Cleaner*2XRR
Crankcase Breather*3CCCCCC
Spark PlugEvery 16,000 mi (25,600 km): R
Valve Clearance*4XEvery 32,000 mi (51,200 km): I
Engine Oil*6RRR
Engine Oil FilterRRR
Engine Idle SpeedXIII
Radiator Coolant*5IIR
Cooling SystemXIII
Secondary Air Supply SystemXIII
Evaporative Emission Control System*5XII
Non-Emission-Related Items
Final Drive OilIIR
Brake Fluid*5IIRIIR
Brake Pads WearIIIIII
Brake SystemIII
Brake Light SwitchXIII
Headlight AimXIII
Clutch SystemIII
Clutch Fluid*5IIRIIR
Side StandIII
Nuts, Bolts, FastenersXIII
Steering Head BearingsXXIII
Honda Valkryie Maintenance Schedule

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Honda Valkyrie F6C

The Honda Valkyrie has the following tyres and tyre sizes standard, as well as the following recommended tyre pressures.

TyreSizeBrand(s)Tyre pressure
Front130/60R19M/C 61HDUNLOP D254F36 psi (250 kPa)
Rear180/55R17M/C 73HDUNLOP D25641 psi (280 kPa)
Tyres and tyre pressures — Honda Valkyrie F6C

About the Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie

The Honda Valkyrie is a modern cruiser or muscle bike that looks incredibly unique, and has a platform like nothing else in its class.

The Batman-esque fenders, unique fuel tank design, fat exhaust pipes, unique flat six engine, and touches of chrome give it a unique visual effect. Just go back and look at the gallery at the beginning of this article if you need more convincing.

The Valkyrie is propelled by an 1832cc, liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder, SOHC engine with Honda’s fuel injection system. It drives the rear through a five-speed transmission and shaft drive.

It’s a big heavy motorcycle, but it doesn’t feel it. The engine is flat, and mounted low in the aluminium twin-spar frame. Sitting on the bike, it’s totally unintimidating and even at a standstill feels like a bike that’s much lighter than it is as you bob it from side to side.

The Honda Valkyrie is also customisable. You can make it into a bobber by removing the rear part of its two piece seat, and you can even attach bags to it if you want to have a bagger without having bought the F6B.

The LED headlight, taillight, and turn signals give the Valkyrie a modern, super-clean look and provide fantastic illumination as well.

The Valkyrie has advanced suspension, too — a rear Pro Arm single-side swingarm with an adjustable Pro-Link single shock. Strong, lightweight (thanks to the hollow-spoke design) and super stylish, the Valkyrie’s wheels make a big statement and are an integral part of this bike’s great handling.

Manual for the Honda Valkyrie F6C

Honda Valkyrie Maintenance Schedule

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Honda Valkyrie a.k.a. the Honda Gold Wing Valkyrie.

You can download it from here.

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