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Kawasaki Z750 and Z750S (2004-2012) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

Black Kawasaki Z750

This is the maintenance schedule with associated service intervals for the Kawasaki Z750 and Z750S, made between 2004 and 2012.

The Kawasaki Z750 was the smaller of Kawasaki’s stable of naked motorcycles — the smaller sibling to the Z1000 of the time.

The Z750, and the later-released Z750S (same bike but with a small cowl fairing), is powered by a liquid-cooled, 748cc, in-line four-cylinder fuel-injected engine that delivers a smooth linear powerband.

The Kawasaki Z750 was actually the first middleweight to be fuel-injected. That, and its ahead-of-its-time design, makes it a well-favoured used bike. Also the fact that it made a healthy 78 kW (106 hp), putting it on par with most middleweight 600cc-class sportsbikes… but with a much flatter torque curve, and in a chassis that many would now call a “streetfighter” (i.e. naked, but slightly sportier and more forward-leaning).

Kawasaki replaced the Z750 with the Z800 in late 2012 (for the 2013 model year).

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What you need to service your Kawasaki Z750 (or Z750S)

If you’re servicing your Kawasaki Z750 or Z750S, you need some basic motorcycle maintenance tools, as well as the following consumables.

PartKawasaki Z750/S Spec
OilYou need SAE 10W-40 engine oil with API SH or SJ (or newer, e.g., SL or SM) with JASO MA rating, for example, Kawasaki 10W-40 Engine Oil, or another high-grade oil like Motul 7100. Some owners (e.g. this thread) like Shell Rotella T6.

Don’t over-torque the drain bolt (spec is 30 Nm/22 lb-ft per the manual) — use a torque wrench if you don’t have experience with how much torque is enough.
Oil filterUse a Hiflofiltro filter for easy replacement, part HF303RC. Torque for oil filter is 18 Nm (13 ft-lb).
ChainMaintain the chain with Motul chain paste, a popular chain lubricant.
Brake padsMany riders upgrade to EBC HH brake pads.
Spark plugsNGK CR9EK, torqued to 13 Nm or 9 ft-lb (use a torque wrench).
Air filterMost people replace the OEM air filter with a K&N aftermarket air filter (functionally identical), part number KA-1003.
Brake/Clutch fluidSpec is to use DOT 4 brake/clutch fluid, e.g. Castrol DOT 4.
CoolantUse, as ships with the Z750, 50/50 pre-mix of ethylene glycol-based coolant with anti-corrosion inhibitors, e.g. Valvoline Zerex G05
GreaseUse a lithium soap based grease for all the important greasing points.
Consumables for servicing the Z750/S motorcycle range

Maintenance Schedule for Kawasaki Z750

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Kawasaki Z750 and Z750S.

Maintaining your Z750 is much like maintaining any four-cylinder standard bike. You have a chain, you have an inline-four engine, and you have few body panels. Make sure you

  • Regularly lubricate and clean the chain
  • Change the oil and oil filter every year or interval, and
  • Change the core fluids (brake fluid, coolant) every four years.

The following is the list of maintenance items to be done on this motorcycle with a time or distance interval — whichever comes earlier.

The maintenance for the Kawasaki Z750S is broken into three sections: Engine Related Items, Chassis Related Items, and Change/Replacement Items.


  • For higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here.
  • Kawasaki recommends a professional mechanic service the items marked with a “K” in the leftmost column.
  • #: Service more frequently when operating in severe conditions: dusty, wet, muddy,
    high speed, or frequent starting/stopping.

Engine related items

Operation (Engine Items)Every1000 km (600 mi)6000 km (4000 mi)12000 km (7500 mi)18000 km (12000 mi)24000 km (15000 mi)30000 km (20000 mi)36000 km (24000mi)
Air cleaner element – cleanXX
Valve clearance – inspectX
Throttle control system (play, smooth return, no drag) – inspectyearXXXX
Choke operation – inspectyearXXXX
Engine vacuum synchronization – inspectXXX
Idle speed – inspectXXXX
KFuel leak (fuel hose and pipe) – inspectyearXXXX
KFuel hoses damage – inspectyearXXXX
KFuel hoses installation condition – inspectyearXXXX
Coolant level – inspectXXXX
Coolant leak – inspectyearXXXX
Radiator hose damage – inspectyearXXXX
Radiator hoses installation condition – inspectyearXXXX
Air suction system damage – inspect XXX
Evaporative emission control system – function (California model only) (e)XXXXXX
Engine related items – Z750

Chassis maintenance – Z750

OperationEvery1000 km (600 mi)6000 km (4000 mi)12000 km (7500 mi)18000 km (12000 mi)24000 km (15000 mi)30000 km (20000 mi)36000 km (24000mi)
Clutch operation
(play, engagement,
disengagement) – inspect
Drive chain lubrication condition – inspect #600 km (400 mile)
Drive chain slack – inspect #1000 km (600 mile)
Drive chain wear – inspect #XXX
KDrive chain guide wear – inspectXXX
Wheels and tires:
Tire air pressure – inspectyearXXX
Wheels/tires damage – inspectXXX
Tire tread wear, abnormal wear – inspectXXX
KWheel bearings damage – inspectyearXXX
Brake system:
Brake fluid leak – inspectyearXXXXXXX
KBrake hoses damage – inspectyearXXXXXXX
Brake pad wear – inspect #XXXXXX
KBrake hose installation condition – inspectyearXXXXXXX
Brake fluid level – inspect6 monthXXXXXXX
Brake operation (effectiveness, play, drag) – inspectyearXXXXXXX
Brake light switch operation – inspectXXXXXXX
Front forks/rear shock absorber operation (damping and smooth stroke) – inspectXXX
Front forks/rear shock absorber oil leak – inspectyearXXX
KUni-trak rocker arm – inspectXXX
KUni-trak tie rods operation – inspectXXX
Steering System:
KSteering play – inspectyearXXXX
KSteering stem bearings – lubricate2 yearsX
Electrical System:
Lights and switches operation – inspectyearXXX
Headlight aiming – inspectyearXXX
Side stand switch operation – inspectyearXXX
Engine stop switch operation – inspectyearXXX
KChassis parts – lubricateyearXXX
Bolts and nuts tightness – inspectXXXX
Chassis replacement items

Change/replacement items — Kawasaki Z750

Change/Replacement ItemsEvery1000 km (600 mi)12000 km (7500 mi)24000 km (15000 mi)36000 km (24000 mi)48000 km (30000 mi)
Air cleaner element # (KA-1003)X
Engine oil # (Motul 7100)yearXXXXX
Oil filter (HF303RC)yearXXXXX
KFuel hoses4 yearsX
KCoolant (Zerex G05)3 yearsX
KRadiator hoses and O-rings3 yearsX
KBrake hoses4 yearsX
KBrake fluid (front and rear) (Castrol DOT 4)2 yearsXX
KRubber parts of master cylinder and caliper4 yearsX
Spark plug (CR9EK)XXXX
Kawasaki Z750 — Change/replacement items

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Kawasaki Z750/S

The Kawasaki Z750/S has the following tyres and tyre sizes standard.

The Z750 ships with Bridgestone BT012 tubeless tyres. But you can use whatever tyres you think are appropriate (typically a modern sport-touring tyre).

WheelTyre sizeTyre pressure
Front120/70 ZR17 M/C (58W)250 kPa/36 psi
Rear180/55 ZR17 M/C (73W)290 kPa/42 psi
Kawasaki Z750 tyre pressures

General information about the Kawasaki Z750

The Kawasaki Z750 is a smaller Z1000. And the Z750S is a Z750 with a small fairing.

You could look at it as less bike… but many look at it as a more appropriate amount of bike. The lower power and higher gearing mean you get to shift more, which to some (me) is the joy of motorcycling. Not for everyone, sure!

The Z750 (from 2004) and Z750S (from 2005) are powered by a liquid-cooled, 748cc, in-line four-cylinder engine with fuel injection from the outset. Both bikes competed with the Honda Hornet 600, though considering they were similarly priced, the Z750 was a favourite.

The engines have a bore of 68.4mm and stroke of 50.9mm, double overhead cams with 16 valves, and a four-into-one exhaust system.

Kawasaki updated the Z750 in 2007, retuning the engine for less vibration and more low-end torque, and changing the front suspension to a USD fork and the front and rear disc brakes to petal rotors.

There was also the Z750R launched in 2011, which had upgraded suspension and brakes, and slightly updated styling.

Manual for the Kawasaki Z750/S

Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual 2006 Kawasaki Z750S.
User manual screenshot for the 2006 Kawasaki Z750S

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the 2006 Kawasaki Z750S, which is available here. It has the same schedule as in other years of the Kawasaki Z750.

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