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Suzuki Boulevard C109R Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

Suzuki Boulevard C109R Stock Image

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R, a.k.a. the C1800R in Europe.

The Suzuki Boulevard C109R motorcycle was introduced in 2008 as Suzuki’s big-bore V-Twin cruiser. It’s very similar to the muscle bike of fame, the Suzuki Boulevard M109R, although the engine has a gentler tune, and a few parts are different.

The C109RT is the touring version of the C109R. It has a windshield, an attractive studded seat, leather saddlebags, and a comfortable passenger backrest, and also ample chrome on the exhaust, intake cover, front fork, and mirrors.

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Suzuki Boulevard C109R Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R.

Maintaining the C109R isn’t a terribly intimidating affair — other than the size and weight of the thing. But it’s a water-cooled V-twin with a shaft-drive, so core maintenance is oil changes and… maybe change the gear oil every now and then. Other than that, you can leave the major services to the pros, or if you have the space, get access to the twin heads for a valve service.


  • I= Inspect and clean, adjust, replace or lubricate as necessary.
  • R= Replace
  • T= Tighten

Note: More frequent servicing may be required on motorcycles that are used under severe conditions.

Air cleaner element (GMan Dual Performance)IIRI
Exhaust pipe bolts and muffler boltsTTT
Exhaust control valveIII
Valve clearanceI
Spark plugs (NGK CR7EK or CR7EIX iridium)IRIR
Fuel lineIIII
Evaporative emission control system (CA only)II
Engine oil (Motul 7100, Castrol Power 1, Mobil 1 Synthetic)RRRRR
Engine oil filter (HF138RC)RR
Final gear oil (Lucas Oil 80W-90)RII
Throttle cable playIIIII
PAIR (air supply) systemII
Throttle valve synchronizationII
Engine coolant (Ethylene glycol pre-mix)Replace every 2 years
Radiator hoseIIII
Clutch cable playIIII
Brake hosesReplace every 4 yearsIIII
Brake fluid (Castrol DOT 4)Replace every 2 yearsIIII
Front forksII
Rear suspensionII
Chassis bolts and nutsTTTTT
Suzuki Boulevard C109R Maintenance Schedule

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R

The manual for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R specifies the following tyre sizes and recommended pressures.

WheelTyre sizeTyre pressure
Front130/70R18M/C 63V250 kPa (2.50 kgf/cm2, 36 psi)
Rear240/40R18M/C 79V290 kPa (2.90 kgf/cm2) 42 psi)
Suzuki Boulevard C109R tyre sizes and pressures

Stock, the C109R ships with Dunlop D221 tyres.

About the Suzuki Boulevard C109R

The Suzuki C109R is the relaxed, cruiser alternative to the big, bad muscle cruiser that’s the M109R. But the C109R is still pretty bad-ass.

Suzuki engineers took the motor from the M109R and retuned the camshafts for more low-end and mid-range torque over horsepower. The 1783 cc liquid-cooled DOHC 54-degree V-Twin makes 85 kW (114 hp) vs the M109R’s 93 kW (125 hp), but top-end power is not what this bike is about (nor the M109R anyway; it’s just a consequence of its massive pull!)

The C109R and especially the C109RT are more about power cruising long distances. The ergonomics are more touring-friendly, with higher bars and a more comfortable seat.

But the Suzuki Boulevard C109R is still a top-spec motorcycle, with GSX-R-derivced fuel injection, a wide-ratio five-speed transmission, and Showa suspension on both ends.

Suzuki also implemented combined braking on the C109R to help bring the 380 kg (838 lb)

But stopping an 838 lbs or 900 lbs (touring model) curb weight is never an easy task. That is why Suzuki uses a combined braking system. So when applying only the front brake lever, two pistons out of three will provide the needed braking power, but when applying only the rear brake, this last will be used at full capabilities and the front will intervene with a single piston. You can imagine what happens when you hit both. This may not be extracted from the world of races, but it gets the job done proudly.

The Boulevard C109RT offers a plus of comfort thanks to a tall windscreen and passenger backrest, but also decent carrying capacity thanks to a pair of leather saddlebags. The bad boy image is enhanced by the studded seat while the new for 2010 white wall tires give it a retro look as well.

Manual for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R

Suzuki Boulevard C109R Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Suzuki Boulevard C109R

You can download it from here.

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