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Suzuki DR-Z400 and DR-Z400 SM Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

Suzuki DR 400 Stock Image

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Suzuki DR-Z400 range of motorcycles.

This maintenance schedule applies to the following models:

  • Suzuki DR-Z400 — the generic name for both
  • Suzuki DR-Z400E — specifically the dual sport variant
  • Suzuki DR-Z400SM — the supermoto variant.

The Suzuki DR-Z400 is a dual-sport motorcycle that has been manufactured by Suzuki for over two decades. It’s available in dual sport form and in street bike form (the SM).

Both the dual-sport and supermotard are powered by a single-cylinder 398 cc carburettor-fed liquid-cooled four-stroke and four-valve engine, with power to the ground through a wet clutch and chain drive.

This page includes the maintenance schedule for both the supermotard and the dual sport together. They share a platform and the same maintenance components, even though there are some differences. The difference between the DR-Z400SM and the DR-Z400E are that the the DRZ400SM gets:

  • An inverted front fork for better suspension in street riding,
  • Wide 17-inch street rims (still spoked, though) with tubeless (rather than tubed) tyres, and
  • A larger 300mm diameter floating front brake rotor (still a single disc)

The DR-Z400 has remained basically the same as when it was launched 20 years ago. You can still buy it new in 2021 with a carburettor-fed engine.

See the pics below for a direct comparison between the dual-sport DR-Z400E and the super motard DR-Z400SM. Note the wheels/tyres, front suspension, and front brake disc.

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What you need to service the Suzuki DR-Z400

If you’re servicing your DR-Z, you are in for a treat — servicing it is both easy and rewarding.

The DR-Z400’s engine is a straightforward one to service. It has a 4-valve single-cylinder engine and everything is very accessible.

PartSuzuki DR-Z400 spec
Engine oilThe service manual recommends SAE 10W-40 oil that meets SF or SG spec. Most motorcycle oils fit this, so use something like Motul 5100 10W-40.
Oil filterUse a Hiflofiltro HF139 oil filter.
Spark plugThe spark plug is an NGK CR8E.
Air filterYou can usually clean the air filter. But if you need to replace it, the Twin-Air 153156 air filters are popular on the DR-Z.
CoolantThe service manual specifies Suzuki coolant, or another coolant/antifreeze suitable for aluminium radiators. Most ethylene glycol coolants with rust inhibitors are fine, e.g. Pro Honda Coolant.
Brake padsThe front and rear use the same brake pads, and it’s the same on the SM and E versions (despite different size discs). Use an EBC FA185R pad.
Brake fluidThe manual specifies DOT 4, e.g. Castrol DOT 4.
Fork oilServic manual specifies Suzuki fork oil SS-05, which is a similar weight to Castrol 5W Fork Oil.
Chain lubricantYou can use engine oil, or Motul chain paste, which is low-mess and easy to carry.
Cable lubricantYou can use engine oil to lubricate cables or use Protect all cable life, a well-known lube.
General lubeUse lithium soap-based grease for general lubrication.

Suzuki DR-Z400 Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Suzuki DR-Z400 motorcycles. It’s the same between the DR-Z400E and the DR-Z400SM (same engine).

The maintenance schedule is the same as that which you see in the manual — it’s just formatted differently here so it’s easier to parse.


  • There are time-based and distance-based intervals — follow the shorter of the two.
  • I= Inspect and clean, adjust, replace or lubricate as necessary.
  • R= Replace
  • T= Tighten
km x 100016121824
miles x 10000.647.51114.5Every
Air cleaner element (Twin-Air 153156)IIRI
Exhaust pipe bolts and muffler boltsTTT
Valve clearanceI
Spark plug (NGK CR8E)IRIR
Spark arresterCCCC
Fuel hoseIIII
Engine oil (Try Shell Rotella T6 😉 )RRRRR
Engine oil filter (HF139)RR
Engine oil hosesIIIII
Engine coolant (Suzuki Super Long Life Coolant kind — Blue, or Honda Coolant)Replace 4 years or 48,000 km (29,000 miles)
Radiator hoseIIII
Idle speedIIIII
Throttle cable playIIIII
Drive chain (use Motul chain paste)IIIIILubricate every 1,000 km (600 miles)
Brakes (same pads on both bikes, even though different disc)
* Front: FA185R
* Rear: FA181R
Brake hoseIIIIReplace every 4 years
Brake fluid (Use DOT 4 fluid only)IIIIReplace every 2 years
Spoke nipplesIIIII
Front forkII
Rear suspensionII
Chassis nuts and boltsTTTTT
Evaporative emission control system (California model only)Inspect every 12,000 km (7,500 miles) and replace vapor hose every 4 years
PAIR (air supply) systemII
General lubrication (Use a lithium soap-based grease on external pivot points)Lubricate every 1,000 km (600 miles)
DR-Z400 Maintenance Schedule

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Suzuki DR-Z400

The manual gives the following tyre specs for the DR-Z400, as well as the following recommended tyre pressure ranges when cold.

Note: The DR-Z400E (dual sport) runs tubed tyres. the DR-Z400SM runs tubeless tyres.

DR-Z400 tyres

TyreSizeBrand(s)Tyre pressure (cold)
Front100/90-19M/C 57HBRIDGESTONE TRAIL WING-41Solo: 125 kPa (1.25 kgf/cm2) 18 psi
Dual: 125 kPa (1.25 kgf/cm2) 18 psi
Rear140/80-15M/C 67HBRIDGESTONE TRAIL WING-42Solo: 150 kPa (1.50 kgf/cm2) 22 psi
Dual: 175 kPa (1.75 kgf/cm2) 25 psi
Tyres and tyre pressures for the DR-Z400

DR-Z400SM tyres

TyreSizeBrand(s)Tyre pressure (cold)
Front120/70-17Dunlop Sportmax D208Solo: 125 kPa (1.25 kgf/cm2) 18 psi
Dual: 125 kPa (1.25 kgf/cm2) 18 psi
Rear140/70-17Dunlop Sportmax D208Solo: 150 kPa (1.50 kgf/cm2) 22 psi
Dual: 175 kPa (1.75 kgf/cm2) 25 psi
Tyres and tyre pressures for the DR-Z400

About the Suzuki DR-Z400

The DR-Z400 has been around since 2000 and has remained unchanged. Like its bigger sibling the DR650, it has been good at what it has done and hasn’t required an overhaul.

In dual-sport form, the Suzuki DR-Z400E is still competent for trail riding and urban cruising. Its 398cc liquid-cooled single cylinder engine has a broad range of torque and can easily take a rider up to freeway speeds — though the experience might be uncomfortable after a while.

Dirt-bike-like suspension travel of 11 inches with a fully adjustable front and preload- and compression-adjustable rear setup make the DR-Z400E ready for any terrain. It’s a very impressive suspension setup for a bike that’s affordable AND learner-friendly. It’s not terribly high tech but it’s very comfortable and predictable.

The super motard version (DR-Z400SM) has many of the same features, but is slightly customised towards street bike riding. It is basically a version of the DR-Z400E with mods that riders did to make them better for the road. The SM has road-oriented tyres and wheels, a bigger front brake disc (necessary for those emergency stops in front of suddenly-braking traffic… and for sporty riding), and inverted forks for lower unsprung mass to manage potholes better at high speeds.

Both the DR-Z400E and DR-Z400SM are easy to maintain. You have easy access to the air filter and clutch, making minor and major jobs a cinch. It has old-fashioned technology — a carburetor, LCD screen (heck, I’ve seen worse), and halogen lighting, but in many parts of country or world, this makes it much easier to find parts.

Manual for the Suzuki DR-Z400

Suzuki DR-Z400 Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Suzuki DR-Z400. It’s identical between the two models (the E and SM).

You can download it from here.

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