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Suzuki GSX-650F (2007-2015) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

Black Suzuki GSX650F

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Suzuki GSX-650F, made between 2007 and 2015.

The Suzuki GSX-650F is a sport touring motorcycle. It is essentially an updated Bandit, trying to fill the void of the retired Suzuki GSX-750F Katana, made until 2006.

The GSX-650F’s 656 cc liquid-cooled engine makes 63 kW (85 bhp) and has a sporty 12,500 rpm redline, driving power to the ground through a 6-speed with a chain drive. The GSX650F has standard ABS in some markets, like Canada.

In Australia and New Zealand, the Suzuki GSX-650F is available in an “FU” (excuse me, rude!) model to comply with the learner motorcycle scheme (LAMS). This is through a modified ECU that has most of the upper band of available engine revs mapped to lower power output. But maintenance for the LAMS version is the same.

The Suzuki GSX-650F was effectively replaced by the Suzuki GSX-S750 in 2015.

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Suzuki GSX-650F Maintenance Schedule

Maintaining your Suzuki GSX-650F is like maintaining most other motorcycles — regular oil changes, chain maintenance, and occasional valve inspections.

The most overlooked item on a GSX-650F is replacing the fluids — brake fluid, clutch fluid, and coolant.

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Suzuki GSX-650F.


  • I= Inspect and clean, adjust, replace or lubricate as necessary.
  • R= Replace
  • T= Tighten
Air cleaner element (K&N SU-6505)IIRI
Exhaust pipe bolts, muffler bolts and nutTTT
Valve clearanceI
Spark plugs (NGK CR8E)IRIR
Fuel lineIIII
Evaporation emission control system (CA only)II
Engine oil (recommend Motul 7100, a good synthetic oil)RRRRR
Engine oil filter (HF138RC)RR
Throttle cable playIIIII
Throttle valve synchronizationI
(CA only)
PAIR (air supply) systemII
Engine coolant (Suzuki super long life coolant equivalent)Replace every 2 years
(4 years after using long-life)
Radiator hoseIIII
Clutch hoseReplace every 4 years.IIII
Clutch fluid (DOT 4 only)Replace every 2 years.IIII
Drive Chain (Motul chain care kit)Clean and lubricate every 1,000 km (600 miles).IIIII
Brake hoseReplace every 4 years.IIII
Brake fluid (DOT 4 only)Replace every 2 years.IIII
Front forksII
Rear suspensionII
Chassis bolts and nutsTTTTT
Maintenance schedule for the GSX-650F

Tyre size and tyre pressure for the Suzuki GSX-650F

The manual of the GSX-650F specifies the following tyre specs, as well as the following tyre pressures as standard.

The manual also recommends Bridgestone BT tyres front and rear.

TyreSizeTyre pressure (cold)Brand(s) shipped with
Front120/70 ZR17 58W36 psi / 250 kPaBRIDGESTONE BT011F N
Rear160/60 ZR17 69 W42 psi / 290 kPaBRIDGESTONE BT020R G
Tyres and tyre pressures for the GSX-650F

About the Suzuki GSX-650F

The Suzuki GSX-650F is one of Suzuki’s street-oriented sport bikes. Still an exciting engine, but with the practical benefit of a slightly more comfortable riding position, an engine tuned more for torque, and ABS as an option (or in many markets).

Most of Suzuki’s middleweight in-line fours are derived from Suzuki GSX-R engines, and the GSX’s is not likely an exception, even though Suzuki says it’s all-new.

The liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, four-cylinder 656cc engine has is larger than the GSX-R600’s engine and smaller than that of the GSX-S750, but otherwise has EFI, water cooling, and a similar high-revving (though not quite as high-revving) tune.

The fuel injection system of the GSX-650F doesn’t need fast-idle control — the bike starts up instantly on those 38-degree mornings and can be ridden away immediately. Overall throttle response is good with power there when you need it, though there’s some hesitation when getting on the throttle powering out of uphill turns.

Suzuki they chose cam profiles to emphasise low- to mid-range torque that’s well suited for entry-level riders, though this bike will keep more than novice riders happy for commuting and short trips. In fact, you could probably ride it for days — it’s comfortable enough for the highway, and would be entertaining on small roads.

The GSX’s is very comfortable. The handlebar lets you put your arms in a natural way with almost no pressure on your wrists and shoulders. The easy reach to the controls lets you get good leverage on the grips, either for straight-line riding or for pushing through turns.

The tank and fairing are still built with a shape that lets you “hug” them so you feel connected to the bike. The footpegs are relatively low, and even long-legged riders have room to spread out without banging our knees into the fairing. The steel tank means you can use a magnetic tankbag, which will stay in place for a long time, thanks to the good airflow around the windscreen.

Manual for the Suzuki GSX-650F

Suzuki GSX-650F maintenance schedule screenshot
Suzuki GSX-650F maintenance schedule screenshot

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Suzuki GSX-650F in a recent year.

You can download it from here.

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