Suzuki Cruisers

Suzuki M109R VZR1800 Complete Maintenance Schedule

This is the scheduled maintenance table and service intervals for the Suzuki M109R.

The Suzuki M109R has many names, from the VZR1800 through to the Suzuki Intruder M1800R.

It’s a huge, stomper of a muscle cruiser, with dyno tests showing 120hp at the rear wheel — massive for a cruiser.

Suzuki M109R Maintenance Schedule

The chart below lists the recommended intervals for all the required periodic service work necessary to keep the motorcycle operating at peak performance and economy. Mileages are expressed in terms of kilometers, miles, and time for your convenience.

You might have to service your M109R more frequently if you use it under severe conditions.

Valve clearance inspection/adjustment is every 24,000 kms or 14,500 miles. That’s quite generous!

In the following table:

  • I = Inspect and clean, adjust, replace or lubricate as necessary
  • R = Replace
  • T = Tighten
Air cleaner elementIIRI
Exhaust pipe bolts and muffler boltsTTT
Exhaust control valveIII
Valve clearanceI
Spark plugsIRIR
Fuel lineIIII
Evaporative emission control system (E-33 only)II
Engine oilRRRRR
Engine oil filterRR
Final gear oilRII
Throttle cable playIIIII
PAIR (air supply) systemII
Throttle valve synchronizationI (E-33 only)II
Engine coolant (Replace every 2 years)RR
Radiator hoseIIII
Clutch cable playIIII
Brake hoses (Replace every 4 years)IIII (R)
Brake fluid (Replace every 2 years)II (R)II (R)
Front forkII
Rear suspensionII
Chassis bolts and nutsTTTTT

General information about the Suzuki M109R

The M109R is a massive motorcycle.

It has a 1789cc engine, which is 109 cubic inches – hence the name.

They were fuel-injected and water-cooled from inception at 2006. They always pushed through a shaft drive, like many cruisers, making them relatively low-maintenance.

The engine produces 92 kW (123hp), and it has been dyno-tested to be very close to that. More importantly it puts out a huge 160 Nm (118 lb-ft) of torque, necessary to pull around the 346 kG/765 lbs of weight.

Even though it’s hugely powerful, the M109R is easy to ride and non-intimidating — even for a “muscle” cruiser.

Over the years, the model changed but not in any fundamental way. The main things that changed are wheels, conformity to emissions regulations (different exhaust and oxygen sensors), the clutch control, the headlight assembly… nothing core to the scheduled service.

The B.O.S.S. editions were also aesthetic updates.

Suzuki M109R Service Manual

Below are the tables only from the service manual for the Suzuki M109R. They were obtained from because manuals are thin on the ground for Suzuki motorcycles.