Triumph Speed Triple R and S (2016-17) Maintenance Schedule

2016-2017 Speed Triple R- Stock Image

This is the maintenance schedule with associated service intervals for the Triumph Speed Triple R and Speed Triple S motorcycles.

Both the 2016-2017 Triumph Speed Triple S and the Speed Triple R shared the same engine, a 1050cc liquid cooled triple. It made 104 kW (140 hp) @ 9500 hp, with peak torque of 112 Nm (83 ft-lb) @ 7850 rpm. The engine had the same tune in both motorcycles.

The Speed Triple R took the 2016-2017 Speed Triple S and added a couple of improvements:

  • The R had premium Öhlins front and rear fully-adjustable suspension, where as the S had Showa components (though still fully adjustable)
  • Some styling features, including stitching on the seats, red wheel stripes, a painted sub-frame, and red side cowls, and a bellypan.
Triumph Speed Triple R Black
2016 Triumph Speed Triple R

Here are all the motorcycles in the Triumph Speed Triple range from launch in the 90s:

  • Speed Triple 900 (1994-1996), 885cc, carburettor-fed, single round eye, basic looking
  • Speed Triple T509 (1997-1998), new look with round eyes
  • Speed Triple 955i (1999-2004), bigger 955cc fuel-injected engine from Daytona
  • Speed Triple 1050 (2005-2010), bigger 1050cc engine, still round-eyes
  • Speed Triple 1050 (2011-2015), new slant-eyed look
  • Speed Triple R and S (2016-2017), higher spec
  • Speed Triple S (2018+), “less high” spec
  • Speed Triple RS (2018+), 6-axis IMU and cruise control
  • Speed Triple 1200 RS (2021+), bigger 1160cc engine

The maintenance schedule is the same between the Speed Triple R and S (from 2016-2017).

The Speed Triple R was succeeded by the 2018-2020 Speed Triple RS, and the Speed Triple S was succeeded by the 2018-2020 Triumph Speed Triple S.

Maintenance Schedule for 2016-2017 Triumph Speed Triple R and Speed Triple S

The following is the list of maintenance operations and to be done on this motorcycle with a distance or time interval — whichever comes earlier.

  • Part of the below table includes checks you should do every day. Do these with the annual check, too.
  • The run-in check is omitted because you’ve already run it in!
  • Items marked [T] are for dealers to do (they need special tools)
mi x 10006121824
km x 100010203040Every
Engine and oil cooler – check for leaksDay
Engine oil – renewYear
Engine oil filter – renewYear
[T] Carry out a full Autoscan using the Triumph Diagnostic ToolYear
Fuel system – check hoses for chafing, cracks or damage
Fuel system – Check for leaks Day
Air cleaner – renew
Throttle bodies – balance
Fuel hoses – renew 4 years
Evaporative loss hoses – renew4 years
Secondary air injection system – check
Spark plugs – check
Spark plugs – renew
Cooling system – check for leaks Day
Cooling system – check hoses for chafing, cracks or damage. Replace hoses if necessary
Coolant level – check/adjustDay
Coolant – renew3 years
Clutch cable – check/adjustDay
Valve clearances – check/adjust
Camshaft timing – check/adjust
Wheels – inspect for damageDay
Rear wheel needle roller bearing – lubricate
Wheel bearings – check for wear/smooth operationYear
Tyre wear/tyre damage – checkDay
Tyre pressures – check/adjustDay
All lights, instruments and electrical systems – checkDay
Steering – check for free operationDay
Headstock bearings – check/adjustYear
Headstock bearings – lubricate
Forks – check for leaks/smooth operationDay
Fork oil – renew
Rear suspension linkage – check/lubricate
Brake fluid levels – checkDay
Brake fluid – renew 2 years
Brake pads – check wear levels Day
Brake master cylinders – check for fluid leaksYear
Brake calipers – check for fluid leaks and seized pistonsYear
ABS and immobiliser ECMs – check for stored DTCsYear
Drive chain – lubricate200 mi / 300 km
Drive chain – wear check500 mi / 800 km
Drive chain slack – check/adjustDay
Drive chain rubbing strip – checkYear
[T] Engine ECM, Instruments and Keyless ECM – check for latest calibration download using the Triumph diagnostic tool
Fasteners – inspect visually for security Day
Bank angle indicators – inspect visually for wear Day
Side stand/Centre stand – check operation Day
Side stand pivot – clean/grease
[T] Carry out all outstanding Service Bulletin and
warranty work
Carry out road testYear
[T] Complete the service record book and reset the service indicatorYear
Triumph Speed Triple R (2016-2017) maintenance schedule

General information about the 2016-2017 Speed Triple R and Speed Triple S

The 2016-2017 Triumph Speed Triple motorcycles represented the highest-spec Speed Triples ever made.

They continued the same basic format — a high-speed but torque-heavy standard sportbike. Both the Speed Triples are somewhat unique in the premium standard segment for not being based on a superbike. They share this with the KTM Super Duke, but few other bikes.

Both the R and the S are based around the same engine — a 1050cc inline three-cylinder engine (a “triple”). It’s a DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder, fuel injected engine that’s tuned for a broad spread of torque across the RPM range.

The 2016-2017 Triumph Speed Triple R and S use ride-by-wire throttle bodies to enable a higher degree of controls over fuelling, which allow them to conform with Euro 4 regulations.

Both bikes also get power modes (throttle maps), including one configurable one that you can define as a user. The power modes also adjust ABS and traction control intervention levels.

Other features common to both the 2016-2017 Speed Triple R/S are:

  • Brembo monobloc 4-piston brakes front and rear, on 320 discs, with switchable ABS
  • A lighter, freer flowing under-seat (this was abandoned later, in the interest of emissions and mass centralisation) — allowing you to plainly see the gorgeous single-sided swing-arm
  • Cast aluminium wheels, on Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa tyres
  • Wide alloy handlebars
  • Fly screen
  • Bar-end mirrors
  • LED indicators

The Triumph Speed Triple R had higher-spec Öhlins NIX30 43mm front and rear suspension — fully adjustable of course.

The 2016-2017 Speed Triple S still had very capable suspension, fully adjustable, from Showa.

It succeeded an earlier Speed Triple, but was succeeded itself by the Speed Triple RS.

From 2018 both bikes were replaced with a higher-spec pair of Speed Triples that got an 8 hp power bump and a host of other upgrades.

The Speed Triple R was succeeded by the 2018-2020 Speed Triple RS, which in addition to the better suspension over the S model, also got a 6-axis IMU and associated features like cornering ABS.

The 2016-2017 Triumph Speed Triple S was succeeded by the 2018-2020 Triumph Speed Triple S — same name, but a more powerful bike. Like the 2016-2017 model, it had Showa forks and rear suspension, and also lacked the IMU of its more expensive stablemate.

Manual for the Triumph Speed Triple R

Triumph Speed Triple R and Triumph Speed Triple S maintenance schedule screenshot
Triumph Speed Triple R maintenance schedule screenshot

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Triumph Speed Triple R, which is available on the Triumph website.

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