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Triumph Thunderbird Commander Maintenance Schedule

2014-2018 Triumph Thunderbird Commander - Stock Image

This is the maintenance schedule with associated service intervals for the Triumph Thunderbird Commander motorcycles.

It’s very similar to those for other motorcycles with similar engines in the Triumph Thunderbird LT

This maintenance schedule applies to the following model:

  • 2014 Thunderbird Commander
  • 2015 Thunderbird Commander
  • 2016 Thunderbird Commander
  • 2017 Thunderbird Commander
  • 2018 Thunderbird Commander

Maintenance Schedule for Triumph Thunderbird Commander

The following is the list of maintenance operations and to be done on this motorcycle with a distance or time interval — whichever comes earlier.

There are two kinds of service interval: every a) distance or b) time period. In each case, it’s the earlier of the two that’s most important.

Part of the below table includes checks you should do every day.

Operation DescriptionEvery500
1 month
Year6,000 and
(10,000 and
Engine – check for leaks Day
Engine oil – renew
Engine oil filter – renew
Valve clearances – check
Air cleaner – renew
Autoscan – carry out a full Autoscan using the Triumph diagnostic tool
ABS ECM – check for stored DTCs
Spark plugs – check
Spark plugs – renew
Throttle bodies – balance
Throttle cables – check/adjustDay
Cooling system – check for leaks, chafing etc.
Coolant level – check/adjustDay
Coolant – renew
Fuel system – check for leaks, chafing etc.Day
Lights, instruments and electrical systems – checkDay
Steering – check for free operationDay
Headstock bearings – check/adjust
Headstock bearings – lubricate
Forks – check for leaks/smooth operationDay
Fork oil – renew
Brake fluid levels – checkDay
Brake fluid – renewEvery 2 years, regardless of mileage
Brake pads – check wear levelsDay
Brake calipers – check for fluid leaks and seized pistons
Brake master cylinders – check for fluid leaks
Drive belt tension – check and adjustDayEvery 2,500 miles (4,000 km)
Wheels – inspect for damageDay
Wheels – check wheels for broken or damaged spokes
and check spoke tightness (models with spoked wheels
Wheel and belt pulley bearings – check for wear/smooth
Tyre wear/tyre damage – checkDay
Tyre pressures – check/adjust Day
Fasteners – inspect visually for security Day
Clutch cable – check/adjust Day
Side stand – check operationDay
Exhaust butterfly valve cables – check/adjust
Fuel and evaporative loss* hoses – renewEvery 4 years, regardless of mileage

*Evaporative system fitted to California models only.

General information about the Triumph Thunderbird Commander

A strong, willing engine, refined chassis, powerful looks and broad riding position give our new Thunderbird Commander the power and presence to dominate any road. Based on our original Thunderbird, the Commander easily impresses riders and onlookers with its classic cruiser style, premium feel and the world’s largest capacity parallel twin engine. Being a Triumph, it’s a cruiser that also gives you day-long comfort, practicality, character and, on top of all that, superb handling.

Manual for the Triumph Thunderbird Commander

Triumph Thunderbird Commander  Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Triumph Commander, which is available on the Triumph website.

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