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Triumph Tiger 800 XRt Maintenance Schedule

2018-2019 Triumph Tiger XRt- Stock Image

This is the maintenance schedule with associated service intervals for the Triumph Tiger 800 XRt motorcycles.

It’s very similar to those for other motorcycles with similar engines in the Triumph Tiger 800 series, like the Triumph Tiger XRt. You might also be interested in the Tiger 1200 XRt.

This maintenance schedule applies to the following models:

  • 2018 Triumph Tiger XRt
  • 2019 Triumph Tiger XRt

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What you need to maintain the Triumph Tiger XRt

Consult the below maintenance schedule to see what you might need, e.g. oil, spark plugs, etc. You can find part numbers that we’ve researched to help out.

OilTriumph recommends 10W/40 or 10W/50 semi or fully synthetic motorcycle engine oil that meets specification API SH (or higher) and JASO MA, such as Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T 10W-40 (fully synthetic) engine oil, sold as Castrol Power RS Racing 4T 10W-40 (fully synthetic) in some countries.
Oil filterReplace the oil filter every time you change the oil. Use Triumph part number T1218001. You can also use K&N’s KN-204-1.
Brake fluidTriumph motorcycles need DOT 4 brake fluid (they have a clutch cable, so you don’t need fluid for the clutch).
CoolantTriumph uses Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolant with a 50% ethylene glycol mix. Zerex G05 is a HOAT coolant that meets this spec.
Front brake padsStandard brake pads code is T2021330 (LH) and T2021340 (RH). The equivalent part number for EBC brakes is FA181HH.
Rear brake padsUse original part number T2025016. The equivalent part number for EBC brakes is FA140HH.
Spark plugsNGK code CR9EK. Note they’re sold individually. Make sure they’re gapped to 0.9mm with an appropriate spark plug gap tool.
Air filterThe part number for the air filter is T2200557. You can also use K&N part TB-8011, which are generally more available and cheaper.
Consumables for Tiger 800 motorcycles

Maintenance Schedule for Triumph Tiger 800 XRt

The following is the list of maintenance operations and to be done on this motorcycle with a distance or time interval — whichever comes earlier.

There are two kinds of service interval: every a) distance or b) time period. In each case, it’s the earlier of the two that’s most important.

Part of the below table includes checks you should do every day.

Operation DescriptionEvery500
one month
Year6,000 and 18,000
(10,000 and 30,000)
12,000 (20,000)24,000(40,000)
Fork oil – renew
Headstock bearings – check/adjust
Headstock bearings – lubricate
Rear suspension linkage – check/lubricate
Brake pads – check wear levels Day
Brake master cylinders – check for fluid leaks Day
Brake calipers – check for fluid leaks and seized pistonsDay
Brake fluid levels – checkDay
Brake fluid – renewEvery two years, regardless of mileage
Drive Chain
Drive chain slack – check/adjust Day
Drive chain – wear checkEvery 500 miles (800 km)
Drive chain – lubricate Every 200 miles (300 km)
Drive chain rubbing strip – checkDay
Drive chain rubbing strip – renew
Fasteners – inspect visually for security Day
Bank angle indicators – inspect visually for wear Day
Accessory rack sliding carriage – check for correct operation‡
Side stand – check operation Day
Centre stand – check operation Day
Centre stand flanged sleeves – check/clean/grease
Accessory pannier link mechanism – check for correct operation and adjustment‡

* Evaporative system fitted to models for certain markets only.

‡ Only if fitted.

General information about the Triumph Tiger XRt

The main structure and subframe of the Tiger XRt are made from tubular-steel members in a Trellis format for the strength and rigidity it offers while leaving plenty of room for the innards. New ten-spoke, cast-aluminum rims round out the rolling chassis with a 19-inch wheel up front opposite a 17-inch wheel out back, and this new gen runs with Metzeler Tourance tires in a 100/90 and 150/70 on the front and rear, respectively.

In the rear, Showa makes another showing with its preload-adjustable monoshock that turns in 6.69 inches (170 mm) of travel. As for the brakes, Brembo delivers the goods with dual 305 mm discs and twin-pot anchors to slow the front wheel and a 255 mm disc and single-piston caliper out back, all under the protection of the switchable ABS feature.

Manual for the Triumph Tiger XRt

Triumph Tiger 800 XRt Maintenance Schedule Screenshot From Manual

The above maintenance schedule comes directly from the user’s manual for the Triumph Tiger 800, which is available on the Triumph web site.

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