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Yamaha R6 1st Gen (1999-2002) Maintenance Schedule and Service Intervals

2002 Yamaha R6 1st gen blue and white

This is the maintenance schedule and associated service intervals for the Yamaha R6 1st Gen, made between 1999 and 2002.

Like the earlier Yamaha R6, this one comes in red and blue.

For the 2001 model year, Yamaha significantly updated the Yamaha R6. It was still carburettor fed, but the motorcycle was significantly lightened (193 kg wet, down from 200 kg) and about 10% more powerful at the rear wheel. That’s a huge change! Yamaha also redesigned the bodywork as you can see in the pics below.

The thing that changed most significantly before the 2nd gen Yamaha R6 is the fuelling — these years were carburettor-fed, whereas from 2003 onward, the R6 got fuel injection.

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Yamaha R6 1st Gen Maintenance Schedule

Below is the maintenance schedule for the Yamaha R6 1st Gen.

The maintenance for the R6 is broken into two sections: periodic maintenance for emission control systems, and general maintenance and lubrication.

Things you may need to buy to service your Yamaha R6 1st gen

Here’s a few items that you may need to buy to service your Yamaha R6 1st gen.

Part/consumableImage1999-2002 Yamaha R6 specification and link
Engine oil Yamalube yamaha engine oil Yamaha recommends using their own motor oil, which is affordable and good. Yamalube 10W-50 covers a huge range of operating temperatures, from below freezing to above 100 degrees F / 40 degrees C.
Oil filter K&N oil filter Many R6 owners use K&N filter KN-303 for easy replacement (you can use a normal wrench).
Spark plugs NGK spark plugs You need four spark plugs for the YZF-R6, NGK CR10EK (all models R6). On these earlier carburetted models, CR9EK is also OK.
Chain lubricant motorcycle maintenance tools - motul chain paste A really popular chain lubricant that’s low-mess and highly effective is Motul chain paste.
Cable lubricant motorcycle maintenance - cable lubricant Keeping good clutch action depends on having a well-lubricated chain. You can use engine oil, but Protect All Cable Life is an affordable and well-used staple of maintenance.
Mechanical grease It’s important to grease moving parts, like the sidestand and sometimes bearings, to keep them from getting notchy or seizing. Valvoline moly-fortified grease meets a lot of needs.
Yamaha R6 maintenance parts – 1999-2002

Periodic Maintenance Emission Control System

Notes on the maintenance schedule:

  • Items marked with an asterisk (*): Since these items require special tools, data and technical skills, Yamaha says they should be serviced by a Yamaha dealer
  • For odometer readings past the final ones, repeat the service from every two intervals.
  • The air filter needs more frequent service if you are riding in an unusually wet or dry areas
  • Hydraulic brake system
    • When disassembling the master cylinder or caliper, always replace the brake fluid. Regularly check the brake fluid level and fill the reservoirs as required
    • Every two years replace the internal components of the brake master cylinder and calipers, and change the brake fluid
    • Replace the brake hose every four years, or if cracked or damaged.
Distance (mi, US)60040008000120001600020000
Distance (km, Eur/Aus)100010000200003000040000
ItemTime (mon)1612182430
Valve clearance•Check and adjust valve clearance when engine is cold (every 26.6K mi or 40K km)
Spark plug•Check condition
•Adjust gap and clean
•Replace as indicated (R)
Crankcase ventilation system•Check ventilation hose for cracks or damage
•Replace if necessary
Fuel line•Check fuel hoses for cracks or damage
•Replace if necessary
Fuel filter•Replace every 20000 mi (40,000 km km) or 30 months (R)R
Exhaust system•Check for leakage
•Retighten if necessary
•Replace gasket(s) if necessary
Carburetor synchronization•Adjust synchronization of carburetors
Idle speed•Check and adjust engine idle speed
•Adjust cable freeplay
Evaporative emission control system (California only)•Check control system for damage
•Replace if necessary
Emissions maintenance for first-generation Yamaha R6

General Maintenance and Lubrication Chart

Distance (mi, US)60040008000120001600020000
Distance (km, Eur/Aus)100010000200003000040000
ItemTime (mon)1612182430
Engine oil •Replace (warm-up engine before draining)
Engine oil filter•Replace
Air filter•Clean with compressed air
•Replace if necessary
Cooling system•Check hose for cracks or damage
•Replace if necessary
•Replace coolant every 24 months (R)R
Brake system•Check operation, pad wear, and fluid leakage.
•Correct if necessary
Clutch•Check operation
•Adjust or replace cable
Control cable•Apply chain lube thoroughly #1
Swing arm pivot bearing•Check bearing assembly for looseness
•Moderately repack every as indicated
Rear suspension link pivots•Check operation
•Correct if necessary
Rear shock absorber•Check operation and oil leakage
•Replace if necessary
Front fork•Check operation and leakage
•Repair if necessary
Steering bearings•Check bearing assembly for looseness
•Moderately repack as indicated (R)
Brake/clutch lever pivot shaft•Apply lube lightly (lithium soap-based grease)
Brake pedal•Apply chain lube lightly (lithium soap-based grease)
Drive chain•Check chain slack/alignment condition
•Adjust and lubricate chain regularly (see notes) (Motul chain paste)
Wheel bearings•Check bearing for smooth rotation
Sidestand pivot•Check operation and lubricate
•Apply lithium soap-based grease
Sidestand switch•Check and clean or replace if necessary
Chassis fasteners•Check all chassis fittings and fasteners
•Correct if necessary
Maintenance schedule for the 1st gen Yamaha R6

About the Yamaha R6 1st Gen

The 1st gen Yamaha R6 was ground-breaking. People riding it described it being like a drug.

The Yamaha R6 1st gen was carburetted. The first couple of years were quite raw to ride. Yamaha smoothed out the ride and increased power considerably in the 2001-2002 model, with a total engine redesign that produces over 108 hp (81 kW) while stationary.

Manual for the Yamaha R6 1st gen.

Yamaha R6 1st gen maintenance schedule screenshot

The above information was gleaned from the owner’s manual for the 2002 Yamaha YZF-R6.

You can download it from Yamaha’s website here.

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